Make Your Wife Happy


Thoughts on making your wife happy. In the words of Red Green, “If the ladies don’t find you handsome they might as well find you handy.”

I came home from work and turned on the light,
I was in the mood for romance and prospects looked bright.

I looked at my wife and said with delight
“Baby, I’m going to make you the happiest woman in the world tonight.”

With a twinkle in her eye it was music to my ears,
she said “Those are the words I’ve waited to hear for years!”

She took me upstairs, pushed me back on the bed,
I must admit I had some lightness in my head.

She said with a wink “I’ll be back in a sec, I’ve got something you’ll enjoy”
and as she stepped into her closet I thought “Oh boy!”

To my surprise she emerged with a brush and a can,
Because there’s nothing like painting a woman likes in her man.

I thought I’d been clever,
I thought I’d been smart,
But instead of making love,
I made the bedroom a piece of art.

If you want your lady happy,
If you want her to be hot,
Get a paint colour that she likes a lot.

  • Date: 8Feb2012
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