Civil Uprising Backstory


I’ve been helping out with big games at Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure since 1999, mostly by playing General.  This year I’ll be one of the game masters and I wrote the back story for the day.

Civil Uprising

It has been a year since the repressive forces of The Ministry led by General Kratky were defeated by the freedom fighters of General Stanley’s Union. The Ministry forces have been pushed into exile, their leadership killed or missing after the final battle. General Stanley has vanished and has been replaced by idealistic Union leaders who have grown increasingly extreme in their campaign to eradicate all ties to the past.  Buildings have been destroyed to make way for structures celebrating a new start for society. Priceless artifacts, works of art and books are being gathered for destruction. Former Ministry supporters have been reeducated.  The search for the remnants of The Ministry is relentless. The New Union is well on their way to rewriting history, erasing the past and creating a new Eden, an oasis of individual freedom with no historical baggage.

The reorganized Ministry has established a temporary base and become the new resistance. Leaders have arisen with a mission to save humanity from what they see as a barbaric dark age.  Agents working under the constant threat of discovery search for artifacts from the past and collect them in caches. Given enough time The Ministry believes that they can set up an enclave of enlightenment in order to protect themselves from persecution by  New Union and eventually defeat them to return organization and knowledge to the world. Unbeknownst to The Ministry, they have been betrayed and the New Union is moving to capture their caches in order to erase The Ministry’s historical foundation.

There is no middle ground in this battle of ideologies between a fresh new start for humanity or a golden age of knowledge.

Choose your side as the battle begins at 10am August 15th, 2015.  There are 7 caches of artifacts located on the field of battle.  Every 30 minutes (Starting at 10:30) the caches will open and 7 artifacts will be available for capture. At the top of each hour (Starting at 11:00) a major mission will be available for both Generals. The war will conclude at 5pm.



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