Hostile Takeover 2016 Backstory

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I’ve been helping out with big games at Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure since 1999, mostly by playing General.  For the second year I’ll be one of the game masters and  wrote the back story for the day.

Hostile Takeover

The year is 2016. Massive corporations are the world’s new superpowers. After decades of massive deficits and borrowing, world governments have been reduced to puppet states dominated by the corporation’s social, economic and military power. Two small corporations are slowly climbing the list of the world’s most profitable and powerful companies.

Working through intermediaries, Cyberdane, a robotics company based in Denmark, has attempted to secretly buy up Para-sol Corp, a US tech manufacturer.  The attempt has fallen through and Para-Sol has launched a shadowy war against their rival. Shortly after a series of assassinations devastate the top ranking executives in both companies, the conflict has moved into the open. Determined new executives have been promoted and plot an end to their rivals and a move up the corporate food chain.

Speculation among stock traders is rampant and the market is watching closely.  Too much blood has been shed and no quarter will be given.  Who will survive the conflict and who will fall to this hostile takeover is anyone’s guess.

Choose your side as the battle begins at 10am August 20th, 2016.  There are 7 caches of technology  located on the field of battle.  Every 30 minutes (Starting at 10:30) the caches will open and 7 items will be available for capture. At the top of each hour (Starting at 11:00) a major mission will be available for both Generals. The war will conclude at 5pm.

  • Date: Aug 2016
  • Client: Wasaga Paintball Adventure
  • URL:

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