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Most recent version: 12Jan2019

I had some questions as to how I track my CQB scores throughout the year.  So here’s an Excel spread sheet to track your ORA CQB match progress throughout the year.
Created in Excel 2016. No idea if it’ll work in older versions.

Finally, see all of your ORA CQB scores for a season in one place!

Non-user entry fields are locked to prevent user from breaking the spreadsheet.
Supports 10 matches per season.
Notes field for each match shot.
Calculates  # of matches by any using any match that has data entered.  (Used for Averages calculations.)
Calculates Average and Highest scores and Average V-Bulls for the season.
Displays the “Hits” field in red if you enter too many shots for that target. (ex. 5 rounds when you should have 3.)
Calculates scores for each match and overall match score.

Note:  The auto-calculated “averages” fields will display an error until one match has data entered.  Divide by zero and all that.

I hope you find this useful. If you have any feedback, please use the contact form.
If you’d like something similar done up for your events, let me know.

Click link to download: http://planetmarauder.com/storage/ORA-CQB-stat-tracking-spreadsheet.xlsx

  • Date: 12jan2019
  • Client: RandomDave
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