The Hunt - July 2.2001
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A dark and gloomy cityscape in Bryce that started out as.... Well, I've spent the last three days working on this, and I'll be damned if I know what it started out as.... But I ended up with this.... Cheerless and dark, a vision of the future.

Thought it turned out pretty well. This is to date the most complicated image I've ever worked on. My normal little images are around 1 meg at the most.. This monster tops out around 64 megs. On my little PII-350 rendering machine this image took 2 days, 4 hours and 40 minutes to render in 1600x1200 with superfine anti-alising turned on. :) Ouch. I'm planning on animating this one at one time or another... But the length of the render makes me wonder how long a 30 second animation would take?


One thing that's always anoyed me about my images is that they have no real sense of scale..... You don't look at them and wonder what's just around the corner.. Just around that bend... This is my attempt to rectify that weekness. I have NO idea how many polys are in this image, but check out the wireframe. Ouchies, eh?

I think I need 3D Studio Max for this stuff...... :)

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