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A pile of my old, old computer artwork. Figured I'd better get it off of the floppies it's been stored on for so many years before the damned things fail and I loose all my old memories for good. :) Click on an image to expand it, and see anything I had to say about it. (God.. I feel old) The dates on the images are taken from the file dates.

Chances are that the files were created earlier, and that the date I've used is the date it was transfered over to the PC platform, or saved to it's backup disk. This is a section under construcion, as I can only add so many of these a day before I start to cry.

As an interesting note, I can still remember doing most of these, and what I was thinking when I was working on it. Gah. :)

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Amiga Artwork
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Old, old artwork. Much of this art was done on my old high school's Amiga 2500, using Turbo Silver (For the ray tracing) & Deluxe Paint (2D stuff) . Most of it was created in 1990/1991. Might be a few from very early 1992.

I had no idea I had this much Amiga stuff still sitting around. I actually have more, but it's all on actual Amiga disks. I have to give huge thanks to Ma Baker CDDHS's wonderfull AV lady for saving my sanity, and letting me play on the Amiga pretty much whenever I wanted it. Thanks Ma!

I also did up a little demo called "Marauder's Lamer" demo. It was basically a slide show for the amiga that played music in the background, (you can grab the tune here, it's "Luna Waves", I believe it was by Uncle Tom of Razor 1911 or 4mat of Anarchy. Great tune.) and displayed many of these images as it ran through. The disk was DOA, regretably. I was all proud of myself for making the damned thing to. It was released at one of my uber l33t computer parties. My parent's basement, on the farm. Like 10 guys. :)

BTW: The Comodore Amiga in my humble opinion is the coolest computer that was ever invented by mankind. It was the first consumer level computer that was really "cool". It had true multitasking, 4 channel digital stereo sound, 512 K of RAM, 256 colour display, 3.5" disk drives, and a useful GUI.

Quite an improvement from my XT at the time, which had no sound card, dual 5.25" low density disks, and ran DOS (Text only OS) with a Hercules Monochrome (Amber) graphics adapter.

The damned things were just amazing. Especially considering the fact that they came out in 1985..... It would take the IBM 10 years to catch up. A true revolution in computing, Livewire brought his Amiga 2000 to school back in 1990, and I almost died when I saw it. That machine totally changed the way I looked at computers, and what was possible with them. A revolution in personal computing it's a damned shame that Commodore killed themselves. The Amiga is supposedly making a come back, but they've been talking about that for years. I can't see it being the revolution it was at the time, more than likely any new machine they come up with will be just another PC, regretably.

As a side note, you'll notice some pics below that were adverts for Megabyte BBS. Megabyte was the first BBS I co-sysoped. (Dark Lord Edmund (Ed Howard) and I were going to start one, but never got around to it, before that.) The guy who ran Megabyte, Steve Pytlik, (Who also helped me put together my first clone, a 286/16) was killed in a car accident in 2000. He was my age at the time (26).... Makes you feel your mortality.

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click on an image to expand it, and see a little about how that bad boy was made. Click on the "oldart" button to return.

Artwork done up for local BBSs and other random crap.

For those of you too young to remember them, Bulletin Board Systems (Or Services, depended on who you asked.) were local services (You dialed into them like an ISP) that allowed people to leave messages for other people, download/upload files (Everyone just leached. :) and play text/ANSI games called "doors" against each other. BBSs were the precursor to the internet as we know it today. We also had Message Nets, where you could message people from other BBSs. These eventually became today's News Groups.

Most of this art was done on my 286/386/486 using Deluxe Paint Animator for DOS. I still miss my curve tool, and stupid Photoshop doesn't have one. Grrrrr.

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Ash Ock Underground (AOU) Artwork
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Artwork and misc pictures I've done for my 'ol BBS and one true love, AOU. I ran the AOU BBS from 1993 to 1997, first in Toronto when I was there for school. I helped out a lad named Empedocles, who ran a 0-1 day warez board called Ash Ock Society. It was an elite board, and proffesionally run. No idiot kiddies here. (Very nice change, consdering that at that time, and I imagine today, the boards were overrun with moron hax0rz and "We R Krad warez d00dz"... You know the type, I'm sure. The internet is full of them. (*cough* counterstrikeplayers *cough*)

A few months after starting with AOS, I started up AOU, first as a source for underground information. Hacking/Phreaking mags, that sort of stuff. I pretty much ran it with an iron fist. No idiots allowed, and very few people under 16 period (again, kept the idiot factor down.) I ended up starting a few message nets (Such as BREnet, dedicated to Barren Realms Elite. Message nets were just like Newsgroups, but the messages were generally passed to one central BBS, the spread from there a few times a day.) and spent most of my time working on the board and the nets. (I was working part time at UPS at this time.) The board gradually moved into doors, (online games) and files. (On my big 'ol 85 meg hard drive and 286/16 baby !)

When I moved back home to Grand Valley in 1994, the board came with me. I ran one of the most succesful BBS's in the local area, and certainly one of the longest running. The board ended up averaging around 80 calls a day, and ran on two lines. I also started STEALTHnet, a message net with limited success. We had something like 10 nodes in Southern Ontario.

Due to lack of user financial support, I finally took the board down permenantly in 1997. I still miss those days in one way, but in another, considering the amount of work and money that went in, and the ingratitude and unwillingness to help of most of the users (Again, stupid kids.) it just wasn't worth it. Ahhh well.

I still talk to many of the great folks I met back in the day via the boards. :) It was worth it in the end, just from the friends and memories. It's kinda neat when I still get a "You're THE Marauder from AOU? Oh my god! I used to call your board like 8 years ago! " :) Heh. The boards were much more personal than the Interweb, and better in alot of ways in my opinion. It was also amazing how data spread.

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Anarchists Anonymous Artwork
click on an image to expand it, and see a little about how that bad boy was made. Click on the "oldart" button to return.
  Just a wacky buncha funsters who liked to write about blowing up/killing things. Doubt they ever did anything, as they were all talk...... For some reason I ended up doing a bunch of artwork for them. :) All of this art was done in 1994.  
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Control Artwork
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Some of the slickest artwork I ever did was when I was with Control, a startup demo group. Data (Josh Fender) a caller to my BBS, and sysop of his own board in Shelburne got me involved. We never actually did anything, but I did do a wack of concept art for a project Data was working on, but to the best of my knowlegde never finished. He did do one little loader for a BBS run by the guys who currently own Unique Computers. The board was called Windows Academy, and the demo had killer music and vector balls.. Hmmmm. Vector Balls. I can't find the demo regretably.

Data became long distance, and we just sorta stopped talking. :(

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Misc Artwork
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Just misc pics and artwork from the distant past.
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Other Projects
  Inspired by the very very cool Crusaders "Eurochart" on the Amiga, I started playing with doing the same thing on the PC in 1991. Of course I was lacking in any coding skills, and my graphics skills were limited. (Heck, they still are really.) And so the "Canachart" was born. There was only ever one edition, and it's based on a freeware menu system... But it was sort of neat, and hell, the 5.25" floppy was still alive, so here it is. Just right click on the below image and "save as" to download the .zip file. Extract it and run "Go.bat" to take a look. I sent this thing over to Dr. Awesome of the Crusaders a short time ago and he thought it was pretty amusing. If only I could have coded, or was cooler back then. :)  
right click the image and "save as" to download
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