The spot where I hook up my homies with some linkage, or something like that.
Friends and Enemies of the State
  3 Finger Salute: Funnier than a gerbil in a microwave. Hell, funnier than TWO gerbils in a microwave, maybe even three.  
  Penny Arcade: If you don't read this cartoon, you'll deserve what the aliens are going to do to you.  
Classic Links (Amiga/C64 etc)
  Crusaders - One of the best demo/music groups to ever hit the scene, back in the day.  
  Fairlight - One of the best damned cracking groups to ever exist. If you were into it way back you know who these guys are.  
  Remix.Kwed.Org - The ultimate site for all your C64 remakes and remixes. 2 Aardvarks up!  
  Triad - Right up there with Fairlight from the C64/Amiga scene.  
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