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Just so's y'all knows, this here site and it's original makins are the property of one Dave Kratky, who also goes by the name of "Marauder" in that part of the world some folks call the interweb.

If you done wanna use any of his work, well.. Hell, he's a pretty easy goin' fella. Always making stuff up for people such as asks him to. Can't see him hav'n any problem with yah showing off his stuff or giving him some nice type linkage back to his site. In fact, I imagine he'd be plumb tickled if you did so, and maybe dropped him a line to let him know you like his dabblin's

But you know, if yer gonna use anything from this site that belongs to that fella, it'd be right neighborly of you to give some credit in an easily noticable place so that other folks know who did the hard work yer making use of. Right neighborly indeed! Than' yah muchly for readin' this hear spiel. Y'can all get back to the site now.

Y'all come back now, yah hear?





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