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11.07.05 - Time for my yearly post. New background I made for no apparent reason:

01.17.05 - Seems that I'm not even posting once a year. I've been so busy with work and other obligations that I haven't had the time to do much in the way of artwork, or writing on FRAGtopia, or much of anything. I miss my artwork and writing, but sometimes it just seems like you've got so much going on in life that you look up and well... over a year has passed!

It's amazing how fast time passes isn't it? I've got a pile of stuff that's been sitting in my "too be added" folder on my desktop for ages. I'm going to try starting to get it posted on the site, as well as getting the websites section of 2D Art, and Old Art links up and running. In the case of old art.. wow.. so much cutting and pasting really. :(

10.11.03 - Shesh. One news post a year or what? Nothing new to report, other than I was invited to join Northern Dragons, a Canadian demo group as a graphics guy. Woot.

04.08.03 - Feeling sad for my friends right now. My good friend Dustdunny's grandad passed away yesterday, and my friend Snuggle's mom is very ill. My best wishes and prayers go out to both of them.

12.31.02 - Happy New Year everyone. Got a few new ones up, yet again. Desert Morn and Lonely are posted in the renders section. Lonely I love. Desert.. eh. 'sok I guess.

12.28.08 - Couple of new images up. Purple Moon (Stop bothering me now, Rune!) and Planetside-FT. Check em out in the renders section.

12.02.02 - Added "The Tower" to the renders section. FTP was down for a bit, a few other new things to add, when I get around to them. Currently freaking out about some problems with clients websites. Argh

09.19.02 Transfering over to the new server. Please excuse and let me know if something isn't working. Danka.

06.08.02 - Getting more of the old art site finished up. Got most of the old Control art work done tonight. So freakin' busy, and so freakin' lazy! There's a new render up, here's a sample. Got bored, did this quick. Dunno why, don't ask. Click on it.

05.30.02 - A few new things up in the Renders and Old Art galaries. Still have a few old things to post. I really, really have to get around to finishing that page up. *sigh*

05.09.02 - It's like my mother said. If you don't have anything to say, say nothing at all. Nothing really new going on. I have done a few new images, which are up in the 2D Art and Renders section. Nice new one called "Martian Sandstorm" is up in the Renders section, here's a very, very tiny piece of it for your viewing pleasure.

01.22.02 - Shesh. I really have to update my news more. :) I've been, as usual really busy. Nothing much new. just getting over a bad cold. Funny, something like 50 people a week visit this site... :) I don't know why it's funny.. It just is. Hope you're all enjoying what you find here. I was working on a render for a band from Brazil.. But I've lost your email address... Contact me please!

12.04.01 - Yet another render is up. You know, I REALLY have to get the old skool pics all finished and posted. So damned much work tho. Just completed a revamp on the site, which took me forever. :) Xmas is coming up, so if I forget to update the news before then... Merry Xmas everyone, and watch out for the Robotic Santa Claus!

11.14.01 - Wow. Another month, another news post. A few new renders up in the Renders area, nothing fancy... I just got bored. :)

Anyone else playing Dark Age Of Camelot? No? Start. Playing Albion on the Lancelot server. Joim us, you know you want to!

  10.10.01 - Well, another Birthday. Just another day of the year, except for all the ICQ's and emails I've been getting. :) Thanks guys.  

10.06.01 - Wowey wow wow. Another month. :) Well, we're moved into the new house, and I've actually felt like doing a little artwork today. (I have a massive headache today, so what the hell.) Check out Night And Day in the 2D Art section, and let me know what you think. Just completed a new flash site for my Tribes 2 team, Forever Twisted. You old guys will just love the intro music. ;)

09.15.01 - Wow. A month since I've updated. Naturally you all know about the disaster that occuring in New York. f*&^*g terrs. I'm busy renovating and moving into a new house, so I'll post more in a week or so (And hopefully some new pics) when we get moved in.

08.15.01 - I've been playing with a few things, and I've just posted them up in the Renders section. A nice peaceful ocean scene for those of you who like water, and conversely, a desolate dried out sea floor for those of you in an Armagedeon sorta mood. :)

08.06.01 - Three new images up in the Renders section. Just something I was messing around with when I was really bored.

08.05.01 - Back in action after 2 days with no internet. I think it's a plot. I just went out and bought 2 new DVD's to watch. Wife's away, and the damned interweb didn't exists for me anymore, so I have to have something to do other than work around the house.. I get home and my router gets an IP addy. Damn Rogers. Damn them to hell.

New pic is up, yet another one for Dman. :) He liked it, and so my world is a better place.

08.04.01 - Shesh. It's been awhile since I've updated the news. :) My cable internet is down, yet again. I really tend to wonder.... Cable has been around for awhile now.... Why is it so frickin' unstable. I mean, it's fast... But unreliable. Every few few weeks Rogers seems to have an issue with a DNS or DHCP server being down for at least a few hours, or a few days. It really can't be all that hard to build a little redundancy into the system. Shesh. So, since I have nothing else to do, I'm writing this offline, and I'll upload it later.

I've downloaded and watched 4 movies in the last few days. Tombraider, Final Fantasy, Jurassic Park and Planet of the Apes. (Warning, I'm going to ruin the end of the movies for you. I have nothing better to do, so you'll suffer with me damn it.)

Tombraider: Crap. Right from the start. Several of my female associates have proclaimed this to be a great movie. I think it's because they like to see a chick with guns running around shooting stuff. I thought it was garbage. There were some cool special effects, but overall the movie just comes across as being a poorly done Indiana Jones attempt. Lots of shots of Laura's gently bobbing bosum seem to be the high point of this one. Stupid start, stupid ending. Stupid, sooooo stupid.

Final Fantasy: Very good movie, outstanding animation. The explanation for the alien invaders was, as my buddy z Messiah z says "ghay, very ghay" It was. They're not alien invaders! They're ghosts! So the power contained in one woman's chest plate will destroy them all! Things sorta got stupid right there, but overall the movie was decent as long as you can suspend your disbelief a little. Lots of people getting their souls torn out by the aliens and the special effects make this one worth it.

Jurassic Park 3: Pretty good, but it felt very, very short. Special effects and dino animations are as usual excellent. Some nice heart rending scenes for the ladies, and a few folks getting eaten by monsters with more teeth than brains for the gentlemen. Also a few big guns. More worth the watch than the second one, but as usual, the first flick is still the best of the lot.

Planet of the Apes: Oneof the best of the lot, but just like JP3 it felt short.... Some very nice special effects, and the make up was excellent. However, the ending felt completely tacked on, with the tide of the battle turning in about 2 seconds and the humans and apes getting all huggy kissy with each other, and making grand speaches about peace and brotherhood. Then the guy takes off back to Earth where.. Guess what? Everyone is now an ape, including Abraham Lincoln. Gah. Award for worst ending of all time. Don't bother.

Now, I tend to download movies if I don't have time to go watch them in the theatre (Nearest decent theatre is a 45 minute drive) and not feel guilty about it. (It's like borrowing a book really. :) but I do go out and buy the DVD when it comes out if I liked the film. Low res downloads just don't cut it when you put it up against the DVD. :) I'll be buying Final Fantasy. That's the one out of the four that's worth it.

Just bought a house as well, if anyone is interested. So I'm going to be very, very busy in about a month, for about a month.

07.24.01 - Ever have one of those REALLY shitty days, where everything goes wrong? I'm having one today, so I thought I'd just bitch. Oh, and happy birthday Eagle!

07.19.01 - Planet Marauder goes live, and Planet Romero goes down.... Coincidence, or is the long haired one running in phear? :) Just posted a review over on FRAGtopia for Operation Flashpoint. Damn, this is one HELL of a good game!

07.17.01 - is live and working! Woot! Just in the middle of the continued renovations of the site. Working on the damned 2D art section right now, then I'll move onto the ancient art. So much work, so little time!

Just got back from the Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventures Blitz Monday night. Refereed for 3 days, and my feet are killing me. Had a good time tho, and I won an award for outstanding refing. Very proud of that. (And very suprised as well!)

07.09.01 - Got the final, hi-res/fine anti-aliasing version of "The Hunt" up and posted last night.... Good god: 2 days, 4 hours and 30 minutes render time. Built a little PII-350 machine to render on. It's slow, but... Wow. That's still a long, long time. :) I'm thinking of animating the thing, cause after all, it is a complete city... I CAN move around it it.. But after that render time, I don't even want to know how long a 30 second animation would take. Mind you I wouldn't be using super fine AA, so it would likely only be about 6 hours per frame...... So something like 150 days render time? Hmmmm... Need rendering banks.

07.06.01 - Well, the renders section of the new site is up... God, this is going to take me forever and a bloody day. I just know it. I do think however that this looks mucho better than the old site. :)

07.05.01 - Just working on the basic design for the new site... Not too shabby if I do brag so myself. Heavily in inner debate as to whether or not it would be worth it to do a flash site or not. I DO like flash... but this is nice and simple to update and work on..... Maybe a 20 meg killer flash intro for the page to keep the modem people away? :))

Back to my old dark, evil looking pages... I guess light and chirpy just ain't for me. :)

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