All about... ME!
(last updated June 26.2002)
Well, it's all about Marauder... It's ALWAYS ABOUT MARAUDER! WHAT ABOUT ME?!? MY NEEDS!?!.. Oh.. wait a sec...

Hey hey! I'm Dave "Marauder" Kratky. I'm 28. Here's one of those stupid sounding bios you read everywhere. Please note that the opinions expressed may... oh whatever.. here goes..................

I'm an avid gamer, and have been since the days of my VIC20. I've had everything from a VIC20, Comodore 128, Amiga, XT right up to my currrent Athlon Thunderbird 1700+ powerhouse. That's right, I'm an old fart. Well, by gaming standards anyho. None the less, my machine still most likely 0wnz j00. :)

(Hey, the other day when I was cleaning up my computer crap I came across my original 300 baud modem for my C128, still in it's original box with all manuals & the reciept. Canadian Tire, $150 boyo! I was just too r33t for words with my big old 300 baud manual modem, back in the day when none of my buddies had one. :)

I was brought up on a farm 15 minutes north of Grand Valley, Ontario, Canada by Ken & Nancy Kratky who are obviously my parents. (Grand Valley is a small village of about 1300 aprox 1.25 hours North of Toronto.) My dad was always conviced that computers were the future, so he always made sure we had a decent machine in the house... Wow. Was he right! :) Regretably, he was also right about the demise of the C128/Amiga and the rise of the evil IBM compatible... *sigh*

I used to run the Ash Ock Underground BBS, first in Toronto (I was trapped in Toronto for 1.5 years, going to DeVry) then in Grand Valley when I returned to the farm and started working as a security guard for Hughes Motor Homes in Orangeville (Where I currrently live) Since Hughes went bankrupt in 1998, I've been working full time at my current job with VAM Computers. (Hey, it's better than really working. ;)

In 1989, as a side note I created the Destiny 2010 (D2010) local pirate group, under the alias of Dark Angel. I used DA as an alias up untill about 1994, when I pretty much gave up on pirating. We (Meaning I) released such fabooolous things as Red Baron and Mechwarrior 1. (Hmmm.... Password cracking....) Also did some PC demo collection in 1993-1995.

My current games include Neverwinter Nights and GTA3. :)

Favorite games of all time:

VIC 20: Lunar Leaper or Jawbreaker 2

: The Last Ninja, The Great Gianna Sisters and ACE. God I loved this little machine. I still think the C64 is the coolest computer of all time. It sadens me that todays generation of users didn't get to experiance where it all started.

Amiga: Lemmings, Flood and Hybis. Also perhaps the Three Stooges.

PC: Starcontrol 2 and Tribes 1. I played this one for years, with some really great Tribes. KoV, +NC+, cD?, KRS, WC and finally !FT!. I really miss the intense sense of community and belonging we had in Tribes 1. I don't know it'll ever come back.

I listen mostly to dance music. Techno, Euro, Hardcore.. Some house stuff. I also collect old C64/Amiga hardware and games. I'm an emulator buff, and can't get enough of the old skool scene music.

People I admire: Bill Gates (He's just such a magnificent bastard really.), Dr. Awesome (Bjorn Lynne) and other computer musicians for making tunes that are still amazing 10 to 15 years later. Comedians. The ability to make people laugh is a true gift from the big deity upstairs. (Who or whatever you believe in. :) People with mad musical and graphical skillz. (Captain of Image is a great example in the music department. Man that guy was just amazing back in the day.)

My full time job is computer tech at VAM Computers in Orangeville, Ontario. Part time I mess around with this site, game, paintball (or ref paintball, which we seem to be spending more time doing this year than actually playing.. Grrrr) with my evil partner in crime Kingpin, and read sci-fi/fantasy. I'm also a Starsiege Tribes admin on I spend a great deal of time writing for, with my evil minion in training Rune.

Things in my life I'm proud of:

The gaming news/reviews/random crap site, which has had over 300,000 hits. Making backgrounds that people actually seem to like. Beating Black Tiger in the arcade in 1992 at DeVry on one quarter. There had to have been 40 people in thier little arcade room cheering for me. It was such a rush. Shesh. That's sad. Imagine reviewing your life after you die and your number one acomplishment is beating BT on a quarter...... Yesh.

Basically I'm super geek. Jealous, aincha? You will be once I take over the world. :)

Site is (c) 2001 Dave "Marauder" Kratky.
Steal anything and I'll <insert gruesome death scene here>